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Guardianship Law

Guardianship in Nevada

Nevada Courts can appoint a legal guardian to make decisions on behalf of someone else.   A person who needs a guardian is referred to as the “protected person”.

Top reasons you should seek legal advice from an Attorney on Guardianship:

  1. You wish to help care for an adult relative or close friend who is unable to manage their finances and/or care for themselves.
  2. You wish to care for a child who has parents that are unable or unavailable to care for the child.
  3. You want information on whether you can be appointed as a Guardian and to find out what your responsibilities would be if you are appointed.


Types of Guardianship in Nevada

  • Guardian over the Person  manages the health and well-being of the  protected person.    This can include making decisions on healthcare, treatment, caregiving and housing options.
  • Guardian over the Estate manages the property and finances of the protected person.  Court approval is usually necessary prior to selling or spending the protected person’s assets.   Further, the Court may require a blocked account for the protected person’s money which cannot be accessed without a court order.
  • Guardian over Person and Estate manages personal, medical and financial decisions for the protected person.



Process of Obtaining Guardianship

A person seeking a Guardianship must file a petition with the court and provide evidence from physicians, family or friends that the individual is in need of a guardian.     An experienced attorney from our firm can represent you and guide you through this complicated process.    


Objecting to a Guardianship

If you have received notice of a Petition for Guardianship and you do not believe the person seeking guardianship is suitable, you can object.    If you decide to seek guardianship, you will need to file your own competing petition.


How Long Does a Guardianship Last?

An adult guardianship is in effect until the protected person regains the ability to make their own decisions and care for themselves or will end upon the protected person’s death.

A guardianship over a child lasts until the child is 18 years old.    If the child is still in high school and will not graduate until age 19, a request to continue the guardianship can be made.       

At Marathon Law Group, we are experienced in handling guardianship cases.    We can help you navigate this process and obtain guardianship so you can help your loved ones.    To schedule a consultation, please call us at 702-522-1808.

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